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30% Off Lemonomenon by Noms E-Juice

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30% Off Lemonomenon by Noms E-Juice

Bro! Are the holidays really over? It seems like Santa’s been extra generous this year, dude...somehow I had enough stuff to make four different mods and there’s just eJuice and coils for DAYS here. Felt nice to be out of that cold warehouse though, bro, you have no idea. The VapeBargains.com team defrosted me in time for the holidays, and I was like, sick, thanks!

I got home and I saw a TON of presents. The VapeBargains.com team hooked me up, and there were my bros who got me these mods and T-shirts and stuff with my favorite logos from some of my favorite eJuice manufacturers. My family got me socks, and that’s always good because I keep losing them. My aunt though, she still thinks I’m some sort of chemist because she sees all these eJuice bottles, so she got me test tubes and stuff. Not sure where she got that idea, but I’m all about that eJuice chemistry!

Oh, while we’re here, dude, I’m kind of digging this juice I got on VapeBargains.com. You know, that vape site where EVERYTHING is 30% off? Before you ask, we don’t have a physical store, otherwise, it would be PACKED, and I would have to actually have to do something other than vape and find the sickest eJuices and watch YouTube videos all day. So, what juice did I get? It’s Noms Ejuice - Lemonomenon!

This lemon flavor reminds me of when I didn’t have to crank up the thermostat just so I could wear flip flops, shorts, and T-shirts. That sweet, lemony flavor is pretty much an all-day vape for me. I mean, if you want us to hook you up, you can get it right here at VapeBargains.com. EVERYTHING is 30% off, bro! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m taking another hit of this. Sweet!

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