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5 Best Synthetic Nicotine Juices to Try in 2022

5 Best Synthetic Nicotine Juices to Try in 2022

The arrival of non-tobacco nicotine (NTN) marks a new beginning for the independent vaping industry. The potential for cutting the last remaining cord with the tobacco industry is now in sight. Tobacco-derived nicotine (TDN) was the only option for vape juices until recently, and the use of nicotine derived from a tobacco plant is a major reason that vapes are regulated as a tobacco product.

Non-tobacco nicotine products are often referred as tobacco free nicotine (lowercase) in the same way that all copier machines were once called Xeroxes. But Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN) is a specific product made by Next Generation Labs (NGL).

Synthetic nicotine does not use any part of the tobacco plant.  In terms of the final product, synthetic nicotine has a more neutral flavor than tobacco-derived nicotine. This allows flavors to shine even clearer. Most adult vapers prefer sweet flavor profiles to tobacco, and this is no small deal.

Legacy Nicotine’s vaping subsidiaries and allies sell closed vaping systems that cannot be refilled; By federal law, these are now limited to only tobacco flavors. This is why they promote flavor bans, and they clearly will not be switching to synthetic nicotine manufactured by rival companies.

Production breakthroughs and efficiencies of scale have brought down the price of synthetic nicotine. While still more expensive than tobacco-derived nicotine, it is now competitive, and economies of scale could drive down this price further.

Adult vapers would benefit if synthetic nicotine eventually replaced TDN as the go-to nicotine in all vape juices. 

5 Synthetic Nicotine Juices to Try in 2022

Synthetic and non-tobacco nicotine are found in many of the best vape juices. Whether you prefer regular (freebase) nicotine vape juices with a high-VG level, nic salt vape juices or disposables, there is a synthetic nicotine vape juice that is perfect for you. It is likely you will enjoy the flavor even more than vape juices relying on their tobacco derived counterparts.

Pure Menthol Aqua eJuice Synthetic

Pure Menthol Aqua Synthetic eJuice Synthetic is one of the most confusingly named e-liquids on the market. At first glance, Pure Menthol might sound like it is a pure menthol flavor. That is not correct. It is a menthol version of the popular Pure Aqua Synthetic vape juice. Pure is a combination of apple, strawberry, and watermelon flavors. Menthol is added and the resulting e-liquid is fantastic.

Sweet watermelon notes envelop the entire flavor in an airy sweetness. The strawberry has plenty of ripe and tart notes that offset the innocent sweetness of pure fruit flavor. The apple adds a juicy kick. All these flavors are even clearer thanks to the use of synthetic nicotine and bound together by a chilly menthol ice finish. 

Pure Menthol Aqua eJuice Synthetic is a high-VG vape juice. The medley of flavors is perfect for vapers who prioritize vapor production and flavor. The available nicotine strengths are 3 and 6mg. The VG/PG ratio is 70/30.  Sold in 60ml bottles.

Drops Aqua eJuice Synthetic

Drops Aqua eJuice Synthetic delivers a rainbow of confectionary taste in each puff. Your tastebuds will be tantalized by the combination of strawberry, sour green apple, lemon, orange, and grape. Drops by Aqua Synthetic is a nostalgic flavor sure to appeal to adult vapers. The complex flavor notes skitter across the tongue, chances are you will remember this great flavor from decades ago and it works just as well as a vape juice.

Sold in a 60ml bottle, Aqua Ejuice Synthetic is a high-VG vape juice. The nicotine strength options are 3 and 6mg, this makes Drops Aqua Synthetic perfect fuel for a vape mod or a refillable vape pod kit with a low resistance coil. The VG/PG ratio is 70/30.

Mixed Berries Kilo E-Liquids Revival NTN

Sold in a 100ml bottle, Mixed Berries by Kilo ELiquids Revival (NTN) is a delicious combination of strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry flavors. Available in 0, 3 and 6mg nicotine strengths, this is a high-VG vape juice with a smooth and balanced flavor. The tartness of the complimentary berry flavors makes for a perfectly balanced all day vape. This balance is achieved without the addition of menthol ice.

If you are looking for a lower nicotine strength alternative to the discontinued Mixed Berry Vuse Alto, or simply prefer authentic fruit notes, Mixed Berries by Kilo is great choice.

Mystery Air Factory ELiquid Synthetic

Air Factory’s award-winning Mystery flavor is a nostalgic combination of wild berry and sweet fruit flavors. It is up to the adult vaper to determine both the specific flavors and the confectionary inspiration for this legendary vape juice.

The use of synthetic nicotine elevates the clarity of this e-liquid flavor and makes it easier to identify the bold and delightful flavor tones. Sold in a 100ml bottle, the available nicotine strengths are 0, 3 and 6mg. This is a high-VG vape juice. The 70/30 VG/PG ratio generates nice vapor clouds and the flavor mixes in tartness and sweetness in perfect balance. 

Grape Iced Red Apple eJuice TFN

Salt nic juices are a perfect use for TFN. The master formulators at Red Apple took full advantage of synthetic nicotine’s more neutral flavor profile when formulating Grape Iced Red Apple eJuice TFN. Sold in a 30ml bottle, this nic salt is available in 30 and 50mg nicotine strengths. The VG/PG ratio is 50/50.

Do not be fooled by the Red Apple name. They may have made their name with apple flavored vapes, but Red Apple executes all manner of fruit flavors expertly. The Concord grape notes in Grape Iced are well defined and not too sweet. The addition of menthol ice is well executed, adding a cool affect, and smoothing out the bold grape flavors. 

Nicotine salts and TFN are a great combination that adult vapers love. If this is your preferred style of vaping, you owe it to yourself to try a bottle of synthetic nicotine salt vape juice.

Disposable Vapes

With their emphasis on flavor rather than vapor, disposable vapes are a perfect platform for synthetic nicotine salts. Disposable vapes deliver exactly the style of no-frills performance that adult vapers prefer. No filling is necessary. Just open the packaging and vape.

The clearer flavor of non-tobacco nicotine gives disposables an edge over their tobacco-derived nic salt counterparts. Here are a couple of outstanding disposable vapes that also use synthetic nicotine e-liquid. 

Guava Ice Pachamama Synthetic Disposable Vape Device

The Pachamama Synthetic Disposable Vape Device is a perfect conduit for pure tropical fruit and menthol ice flavor. Guava Ice is one of Pachamama’s best flavors. Fans of disposable vapes love this style of vape juice and the master formulators at Pachamama delivered. Fruit and 

menthol blends are everywhere. The Guava Ice Pachamama Synthetic Disposable Vape is one of the best.

 Bold fruit notes with a frigid finish make this a perfectly balanced nic salt flavor. The clarity and quality of the flavor is top tier. The guava flavor is loaded with sweet tropical notes with a dank juicy ripeness that keeps the taste buds engaged all day. 

You will be able to enjoy plenty of satisfaction with the Pachamama disposable. It uses a 50mg salt nic formula and is powered by a 700mAh battery. The Pachamama Disposable is a sleek design, and the manufacturer estimates that it is good for 1200 puffs.

Aloha Strawberry Air Factory Air Stix Disposable Vape Device

The big, robust, and high-quality Air Stix Disposable Vape Pen is a perfect way to enjoy the smooth flavor of a synthetic nicotine salt vape juice. Holding 7ml of e-liquid, the Air Stix has ten-fold more e-liquid capacity than a Juul pod. The 5 percent nicotine strength provides a satisfying experience.

According to Air Factory, this disposable vape is good for 2500 puffs. To make sure adult vapers can enjoy every drop this disposable has a charger port for the battery.

Loaded into this cutting-edge disposable is the delicious Aloha Strawberry Salt Nic Juice. A perfect combination of creamy coconut, sweet pineapple and bold strawberry makes for a well-balanced flavor. This combination would make a delicious beverage. Instead, it is a perfect all-day vaping flavor.  The Aloha Strawberry Air Factory Air Stix Disposable Vape is a great option for adult vapers who love fruit flavored vape juices, fans of salt nic juices and vapers curious about synthetic nicotine. 

Synthetic Nicotine Advantages

The tobacco industry profits from the sale of liquid nicotine to vape juice manufacturers. While only a small portion of each transaction, it still represents money going from the pockets of vapers into the hands of tobacco growers. Then there is the process of growing tobacco on an industrial scale.

Environmental Impact of Tobacco

Non-tobacco nicotine has smaller environmental footprint than tobacco-derived nicotine. Tobacco cultivation requires considerable acreage and is resource intensive. Pesticides, fertilizers, water, and fossil fuels are used extensively to grow tobacco on an industrial scale. 

Converting hectares of industrial grown tobacco to more sustainable agriculture would be a net gain for the planet.  

Picture the farm equipment, pesticides, growing sheds, fertilizer and millions of acres dedicated to growing tobacco. Now picture a single cutting edge facility, ISO certified, and pallets of starter materials. That is the difference in a nutshell.

Only a handful of companies have the technology and knowledge to manufacture synthetic and non-tobacco nicotine. It is possible to scale up synthetic nicotine production without contributing the environmental degradation of the planet.

Non-Tobacco Nicotine

Non-tobacco nicotine describes any nicotine not made from tobacco and is a general term. Synthetic nicotine is also a general term used to describe nicotine manufactured without the use of plant starter materials. Synthetic nicotine has been around for decades, first appearing in nicotine replacement therapy, research, and other scientific uses.

Science of Synthetic Nicotine

Whether it is TFN, synthetic nicotine, or tobacco-derived nicotine, the molecule is always the same. No matter the source, nicotine and its biological impact is the same.

Nicotine is a chiral molecule, meaning there are two isomers that are not mirror images. S-Isomer has the biological impact and R-Isomer nicotine is viewed as biologically inert. In naturally occurring nicotine, R-Isomer makes up only a very small percentage. During the manufacturing of synthetic nicotine, it is easiest to produce equal amounts of R- and S-Isomer nicotine and then potentize the final product by removing R-Isomer nicotine. If the R-Isomer is not removed, it takes twice as much nicotine by volume to have the same effect because S-Isomer is responsible for the characteristic, and addictive, properties of nicotine.

Synthetic nicotine product has a greater purity than nicotine extracted from the tobacco plant. But once they arrive in liquid form to be added to vape juice, the products are very similar. Synthetic nicotine has a bit more neutral of a flavor.

Both synthetic and tobacco-derived nicotine are sold in freebase nicotine form and can be converted into nicotine salts. Synthetic nicotine is flexible enough to replace tobacco-derived nicotine in any vaping application.

Glossary of Synthetic Nicotine Terms

Synthetic nicotine is a topic that is both simple and complex. One on hand, it is simply a liquid form of nicotine and only distinguishable from tobacco-derived nicotine because it is purer and imparts slightly less flavor into a vape juice. Yet the whole concept of relying on a synthetic form of a naturally occurring substance can raise red flags. There is really no reason for undue concern.

Synthetic nicotine is an addictive chemical. We have no interest in selling our products to anyone who does not currently use nicotine habitually. But molecularly, it operates in the same way because under the microscope it is the same molecule. Here are a few terms you may encounter when researching synthetic nicotine vape juices.

Tobacco Free Nicotine

Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN) is the dominant player in the non-tobacco nicotine market. Their S and R-Isomer nicotine were the first cost-effective non-tobacco nicotine to hit the US market. Next Generation Labs (NGL) is not some shoddy operation operating in a trailer in the Mojave Desert or Upper Peninsula of Michigan. They have a cutting edge facility, numerous patents, and proprietary methods that allow them to create a pure and cost-effective non-tobacco nicotine product. They have invested millions refining their processes.

Non-Tobacco Nicotine

Non-tobacco nicotine (NTN) simply describes any nicotine manufactured without using raw materials from the tobacco plant.

Synthetic Nicotine

Synthetic nicotine (SN) originally referred to pure S-Isomer nicotine that was made using no plant materials. This term has since expanded to cover the gamut of non-tobacco nicotine products.

Tobacco-Derived Nicotine 

Tobacco-derived nicotine (TDN) is the nicotine that was traditionally used in vape juices and still dominates the market. It is a liquid form of nicotine that is extracted and purified from the tobacco plant.


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