WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Brand Overview: Fuggin eLiquids

Brand Overview: Fuggin eLiquids

Vape fam, it’s actually cool enough outside to wear a hoodie, at least in the mornings. Over the years, we’ve picked up quite a few T-shirts and hoodies to wear from our friends in the vaping industry. I think that might be my entire wardrobe, that and a few pairs of shorts and pants. Anyway, onto the important stuff. Our friends at Fuggin eLiquids have some great products you can get for 30% off here at VapeBargains.com, every day.

Fuggin eLiquids - The Silence of the Clouds would be one of my first vaping choices. It’s also a spooky season so this may include a few Halloween-themed eJuices. You get a blue raspberry candy with sour blue slush for a vaping experience that you can keep hitting as an all-day vape. I have a pretty big sweet tooth, so hopefully the VapeBargains.com team hooks me up with a bottle.

Vape fam, have you just woken up? Need something to go with your cup of coffee? Why not try Fuggin eLiquids - Fuggin Donuts? You get that familiar donut taste with strawberry frosting and colored sprinkles. If you’re feeling extra, you can put together some bacon and eggs. Me? I just head on down to my favorite breakfast spot if I’m up early enough.

Some people who ask me how to get into vaping can’t let go of their old preferences, so they ask me what the best tobacco flavors are. Come on, vape fam, flavors are great! But I also know that some of our customers aren’t allowed to even buy flavors where they live, and that’s no good. If you really want that classic tobacco vaping experience, or if you can only buy tobacco flavors where you live, you can try Fuggin eLiquids - Commando. There’s nothing like the good old familiar taste of tobacco.

Anyways, vape fam, if you really like the Fuggin eLiquids line, we have the whole collection on VapeBargains.com. The best thing about it? Everything is 30% off every day on VapeBargains.com. It’s the best place to get cheap eJuice and hardware!

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