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Brand Overview: GeekVape

Brand Overview: GeekVape

Dudes and dudettes, there’s nothing better than a fresh stock of hardware. Especially when it comes from our friends over at GeekVape. This is the brand that everyone seems to talk about whenever it comes to making a new setup, or if they just want to start their vaping journey. There was this guy emailing me the other day about how great GeekVape products were and he just started vaping, and I thought I’d let you know about the great stuff they have over at GeekVape.



Where do we begin, vape fam? First, I’ll suggest that you get the GeekVape Aegis Solo 100W Full Kit. If you want to start vaping your favorite eJuices right away, this one is a best-seller on VapeBargains.com. Get right into the vaping experience and just fill it up with one of your favorite eJuices and you’ll get some good hits on the way. Looking for a great coil to get the vapor and flavor production you desire? Why not get the GeekVape Mesh X1 Coil for Aero Mesh/Shield Tank? Get more out of your favorite eJuices, no matter what they are.

If you’re using the Aegis Pod System, why not try the GeekVape Aegis Pod System Replacement Pod? These hold up to 3.5ml of eJuice, so get your vape on with these refillable pods. Want to keep your vaping experiences on the low? Why not purchase a GeekVape Aegis Pod System Kit? Remember that these are just suggestions, vape fam; there’s no right or wrong way to vape. Want a coil that will work across other devices? You can also try the GeekVape Super Mesh X2 Coil.

That’s all from me, dudes and dudettes. The VapeBargains.com team wants to let you know that you can get these and other cheap vape hardware at VapeBargains.com! We’ll be awaiting your orders!

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