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Brand Overview: Noms eJuice

Brand Overview: Noms eJuice

Vape fam, I just got back from hitting all sorts of eJuice. You see, some people have emailed me asking recommendations for eJuice. This sort of stuff happens every day. I open my email and TONS of people ask me what’s the best eJuice, you know, those questions. I decided, why not try them all? However, they were all from a particular brand: Noms eJuice. You can get this brand for 30% off at VapeBargains.com every day.



So I started with some Noms eJuice - Lemonomenon. We’ve featured it before on VapeBargains.com, so I decided to start off with this lemony eJuice. Then I dipped into the unknown by trying some Noms eJuice - Phenomenon. It’s a phenomenon, alright, because I really couldn’t figure out what it was, but it definitely tasted great! If you want a hint, before all this wack stuff went down, I wanted to actually hit the beach somewhere in the Caribbean and enjoy tropical drinks by the beach. You know why.



After that sick and fresh vaping experience, I decided to take some hits of Noms eJuice - Noms X2 Cactus Jack Fruit. It brings a bit of the desert together with fruits such as jackfruit and mandarin orange. Delicious! Which reminds me, vape fam, I’m going to need a smoothie of some sort later. Anyways! My next eJuice was Noms eJuice - Noms X2 Kiwi Passionfruit Nectarine. That’s a lot to take in at once, but all this tropical fruit in this eJuice and the fact that it’s 30% off on VapeBargains.com got me thinking to buy tons of bottles just for myself, vape fam. I finished off my vaping experience with Noms eJuice with some Noms eJuice - Noms X2 Cherry Lime Ginger. It’s exactly as advertised: cherry, lime, and ginger flavors in one eJuice. A pretty interesting vaping experience indeed!

Anyways, vape fam, you should totally try out the Noms eJuice line on VapeBargains.com. The Noms eJuice line and all eJuices on the site are 30% off every day!

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