WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Brand Overview: Pachamama E-Liquid

Brand Overview: Pachamama E-Liquid

Vape fam, if there’s anything I’d like to say to you right now, it’s thank you. Thanks to you, VapeBargains.com is the best place to get cheap eJuice and other vape products. Everything is 30% off, every day, and the VapeBargains.com team is always searching for the best ways to keep vape juice affordable. That being said, our friends over at Pachamama E-Liquid sent me a care package the other day. Let’s see what’s inside!



I think we should start off with Pachamama E-Liquid - Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine. This is probably the favorite of many vapers out there from our friends over at Pachamama E-Liquid. It’s a great fruit eJuice, that’s for sure. Let’s not forget our salt nic friends, though. Pachamama E-Liquid Salts - Strawberry Watermelon is a great flavor for the salt nic fans out there who may just be getting started with vaping, with the juicy blend of strawberry and watermelon.



Vape fam, you might be trying to find that unique fruit flavor. Pachamama E-Liquid - Blood orange Banana Gooseberry might be up your alley, as it combines unique flavors such as blood orange and gooseberry with a familiar eJuice flavor such as banana. Or maybe you want to try out Pachamama E-Liquid - Huckleberry Pear Acai, which blends together the exotic taste of acai with huckleberry and pears? These are other eJuice flavors you might not find anywhere else, so try out these two unusual yet tasty eJuices.

Lastly, another one for the salt nic fans out there. Pachamama E-Liquid Salts - Sorbet throws together raspberry and lemon that brings the familiar taste of Italian ice sorbet to your vape device. That’s quite a treat for the salt nic fans out there!

That’s all for our Pachamama E-Liquid overview! You can get Pachamama E-Liquid products for 30% off here at VapeBargains.com, as well as other eJuices and vape products.

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