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Brand Overview: Pinup Vapors

Brand Overview -

Brand Overview: Pinup Vapors

Vape fam, the numbers have nowhere to go but up from here. Hopefully that means more swag from our friends in the vape industry and more opportunities to get the best vape products into your hands. At VapeBargains.com, everything is 30% off, every day. Our friends over at Pinup Vapors have brought some amazing eJuices for all vapers to enjoy. Let’s go over them!

The first eJuice I want to talk about from our friends at Pinup Vapors is Pinup Vapors - Betty. This is a really sweet vaping experience, and over the years, it’s been a favorite among VapeBargains.com customers. You get a different fruit with each puff. This one hits a bit close to home to me, because it reminds me of an old girlfriend. Hope she’s doing well.

If you’re looking for something sweet, why not try Pinup Vapors - Marilyn? This one got me through the time I was on a diet. You know, summer body and all, that kind of thing. You get rich and creamy vanilla custard when you inhale, and butterscotch and caramel on the exhale. Some fans told me about this one and I told myself that I HAD to try it. The VapeBargains.com team loved it, too!

Remember how you would countdown the days to summer vacation, vape fam? I’m counting down the days until I can try the best eJuices. One of them is Pinup Vapors - Sophia, a mix of tropical fruits and lime at 85% VG. That’s a lot of flavor, and that means a better vaping experience for everyone. If you love your eJuices with loads of VG, this is a great one from our friends over at Pinup Vapors.

We have the whole Pinup Vapors line here at VapeBargains.com. Everything is 30% off, including the Pinup Vapors collection! That’s right, you can get great vaping experiences when you buy Pinup Vapors products at a MUCH lower price. The VapeBargains.com team is hard at work cutting prices on pretty much everything so that you can enjoy more of your favorite vaping products.

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