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Daily Deally-O: Aria Elixirs - Winter Delight

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Daily Deally-O: Aria Elixirs - Winter Delight

Vape fam, it’s time for a little bit of reverse psychology. What would you vape in the summer? Perhaps your favorite fruit vape juices? How about something for the middle of the winter? It gets hot out there, vape fam, so here’s a new vape juice I’d like to show you, straight from SB’s personal stash.

Aria Elixirs - Winter Delight seems like something you’d vape in December, not when summer is about to start. What’s so great about it? It’s super chilly. You can use it on its own for that cool menthol rush, or mix it with another vape juice to give it the real deep freeze when thermometers are about to hit triple digits. The best part about this vape juice? It’s 30% off on VapeBargains.com every day!

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