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Daily Deally-O: Dr. Frost eJuice - Strawberry Ice

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Daily Deally-O: Dr. Frost eJuice - Strawberry Ice

Is it me or is it warm in here? Can you close the door on your way in, vape fam? Thanks. It’s been very busy here at the VapeBargains.com offices. The boss says we have to fill out all sorts of paperwork. Thankfully, the VapeBargains.com team is on top of that, and we’re also on top of keeping everything 30% off, every day. That being said, here’s the latest Daily Deally-O straight from SB and the vape fam here at VapeBargains.com.

We’ve got Dr. Frost eJuice - Strawberry Ice as the latest Daily Deally-O. Strawberry lollipops with a cool icy flavor? It’s exactly what we need for the summer on VapeBargains.com. Just buy a bottle for 30% off here at VapeBargains.com to put in your vaping device and take hit after hit of cool strawberry awesome. No matter what happens, you’ll find this and other eJuices for 30% off every day at VapeBargains.com.

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