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Daily Deally-O: Splash E-Liquids - Fruit Scream

Daily Deally-O, eJuice -

Daily Deally-O: Splash E-Liquids - Fruit Scream

Vape fam, the Internet can be quite a harsh place! Not VapeBargains.com though, you’re always welcome here. Wish the boss would put in some lounge chairs so we can vape and talk about the sickest eJuices and hardware out there! But really, I was trying to go undercover and spread the good news about VapeBargains.com. You know, how VapeBargains.com offers 30% off everything from eJuices to hardware, every day. Can you believe that some websites don’t allow that? That’s a HUGE bummer for me, personally. Anyways, the latest Daily Deally-O is coming right at you.

The Daily Deally-O is Splash E-Liquids - Fruit Scream. If you’re like me and want all the fruit flavors blended into one convenient eJuice, you’d pick up a bottle of this eJuice. You get strawberry, watermelon, kiwi, Fuji apple, and even a bit of honeysuckle to top it off. Delicious! Hey, if you website admins are reading this, it’s 30% off here at VapeBargains.com, every day! Tell your friends and everyone else who wants to find the best deals on vape.

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