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Daily Deally-O: VaporLAX - Disposable Vape Device - Ice Cola

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Daily Deally-O: VaporLAX - Disposable Vape Device - Ice Cola

Vape fam, it’s been a weird summer. First we’re baking in the heat, now my neighbor’s yard is spilling into my yard because of the rain and I need to repair my fence. Thankfully he was a good sport about it. I wonder if he vapes because yard work is stressful. Anyway, that doesn’t stop me from finding the best deals on vape. Products sold on VapeBargains.com are 30% off, every day. What’s today’s Daily Deally-O?

Today’s Daily Deally-O is VaporLAX - Disposable Vape Device - Ice Cola. Straight from our friends at VaporLAX, you can enjoy around 1500 puffs of this ice cold beverage vape juice from a disposable and sleek vaping hardware device. Thanks to some changes made to VapeBargains.com by the VapeBargains.com team, you can now review products on VapeBargains.com. A member of the vape fam, Rob R., says, “I’m very satisfied with the product, pricing, and convenience.” Thanks, Rob! Hopefully the boss will let us sell VapeBargains.com T-shirts so you can tell your friends. This device (and others) are 30% off every day on VapeBargains.com.

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