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PMTA and You

PMTA and You

Vape fam, the boss is telling me that the government wants to take away all the flavors through the premarket tobacco application (PMTA) process! Do you know what that means? All your favorite eJuice flavors might just be restricted to tobacco and menthol! But I digress. There’s a lot more to PMTA than that, though, and the good news is, you CAN take action and help keep your access to flavors!

Let me set the record straight here, vape fam. I like tobacco and menthol flavors too, but it’s not the same as vaping your favorite fruit or dessert eJuices. Isn’t that why you’re here on VapeBargains.com, to get your favorite eJuice flavors for 30% off? Dude, I don’t want to look for an actual job! Could you imagine the face of VapeBargains.com doing anything else? It would be out of character, really!

So what is this whole PMTA thing? If you’re a vaper, you already know that it stands for premarket tobacco application. That means you have to pay a LOT of money to the FDA just so your flavors can even exist. Dudes and dudettes, we’re talking $1 million per variant of your favorite eJuice! These flavors mean a lot to me and I know they mean a lot to you. Vape fam, I’ve been vaping all these sick flavors for a while now, and I’m letting you know that you CAN take action. Let your elected officials know that they’re going to hit the unemployment line if they try to ban your flavors or restrict your access to the latest vaping products.

Thankfully, the boss also said that this whole thing probably won’t be happening until September because of this COVID-19 stuff, so you can rest assured I’ll be here continuing to talk about the latest eJuice flavors and hardware, continuing to talk about how awesome vaping is, and we’ve got some pretty awesome people continuing the fight for our flavors. Let your elected officials know that you vape and you vote.

I don’t really get political as the face of VapeBargains.com, but I thought I’d let you all know that this is coming up for the industry. Vape fam, you have a voice and you should definitely use it. I’ll be behind you 100% and make sure to back not only VapeBargains.com but the industry as a whole.

That’s all, vape fam! Just letting you know about PMTA here on VapeBargains.com, where everything is 30% off.

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