WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Disposable Vapes Make Vaping Easy There are vaping hobbyists who want the newest and best vape hardware the moment it drops. We have plenty of those in our vape fam. Then there are vapers looking to save money and use refillable devices. Who doesn’t want to save money. But there is an even larger group who want no hassles at all. They seek the easiest to use device possible, provided it has great flavor and performance. This interest overrides Before the most popular flavors with adult vapers were banned by the federal government, it was prefilled vape pods that filled...

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Nicotine versus Traditional nicotine consumption It is hard to untangle nicotine and traditional nicotine consumption. Nicotine is an addictive chemical which makes it difficult to quit traditional nicotine consumption. But nicotine is wrongly blamed for tobacco-related diseases. It is the by-products of combustion that deserve special attention. As explained by FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb in press release from the height of teen vaping scare in 2018:  “While it’s the addiction to nicotine that keeps people smoking, it’s primarily the combustion, which releases thousands of harmful constituents into the body at dangerous levels, that kills people.” Why do people start using...

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Are you an adult who is new to vaping? Congratulations and welcome to the vaping community. The jargon and wide range of vaping devices on the market can seem a bit overwhelming. But you will be speaking the language soon enough.   Do not hesitate to drop us a line if you have any questions. There are many experienced vapers on the VapeBargains.com team. We are your best source of information on vape juices and hardware of all shapes and sizes.   Vaping Hardware   Whether you want the most basic vape starter kit or demand the top-tier performance of...

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Whoa, vape fam! You’ve caught me at a crazy time. The boss told me to test all these synthetic nicotine vape products so I can give you the lowdown on what this new and innovative thing called synthetic nicotine. I can tell you a few things myself, but I have to bring back my guest expert to explain the fine details of what this new awesome thing we’re putting in our vape juices. So there’s this thing called freebase nicotine, right? Vape fam, that’s what you’ve been vaping this entire time! But then someone thought, what if freebase nicotine gets...

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Hey, vape fam! It’s been a minute, but SB is back with the low-down on vape coils for VapeBargains.com. One of the most important aspects of the vaping experience happens to be coils. Coils are quite important. They vaporize your favorite vape juices, which produces the flavor and vapor that most of us are familiar with. We’re going to really get into what coils are, what they do, what parts make up a coil, a history of coils, and what are the best coils available today on the market. How Do Coils Affect Your Vaping Experience? Vape fam, I was...

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