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Vape fam, don’t mind the mess on my desk. I’m just trying to rebuild my vape mods (again) and I’m stuck on what tank to use. Thankfully, nothing stops the VapeBargains.com team from innovating and finding out what is the best vape tank. They’re built from various materials, and they’re more than just holders of your favorite vape juices. We’ll go into detail about vape tanks, and why there is more than what you see on the surface. What Is A Vape Tank? Vape tanks are defined as a vaping device that contains the vape juice and atomizer which are...

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Whoa, vape fam! You’ve caught me at a crazy time. The boss told me to test all these synthetic nicotine vape products so I can give you the lowdown on what this new and innovative thing called synthetic nicotine. I can tell you a few things myself, but I have to bring back my guest expert to explain the fine details of what this new awesome thing we’re putting in our vape juices. So there’s this thing called freebase nicotine, right? Vape fam, that’s what you’ve been vaping this entire time! But then someone thought, what if freebase nicotine gets...

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Hey, vape fam! It’s been a minute, but SB is back with the low-down on vape coils for VapeBargains.com. One of the most important aspects of the vaping experience happens to be coils. Coils are quite important. They vaporize your favorite vape juices, which produces the flavor and vapor that most of us are familiar with. We’re going to really get into what coils are, what they do, what parts make up a coil, a history of coils, and what are the best coils available today on the market. How Do Coils Affect Your Vaping Experience? Vape fam, I was...

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Vape fam, they might have to carry me out of this restaurant! I just got some lunch before heading back to the VapeBargains.com offices and I had one heck of a meal. Food comas are pretty intense when it’s good food. Anyway, I noticed their dessert section had fresh fruit similar to some of the vape juices you can find for 30% off here every day on VapeBargains.com. Then I realized that the very bottle of vape juice I had in my pocket reminded me of the fresh fruit. That being said, here’s today’s Daily Deally-O. Today’s Daily Deally-O is...

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Vape fam, it’s been a weird summer. First we’re baking in the heat, now my neighbor’s yard is spilling into my yard because of the rain and I need to repair my fence. Thankfully he was a good sport about it. I wonder if he vapes because yard work is stressful. Anyway, that doesn’t stop me from finding the best deals on vape. Products sold on VapeBargains.com are 30% off, every day. What’s today’s Daily Deally-O? Today’s Daily Deally-O is VaporLAX - Disposable Vape Device - Ice Cola. Straight from our friends at VaporLAX, you can enjoy around 1500 puffs...

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