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Top 5 Banana Flavors

Top 5 Banana Flavors

Vape fam, I’m so glad to see you! I really miss my bros at the VapeBargains.com offices. This coronavirus or COVID-19 stuff sucks! We’re supposed to all work from home and not go outside, and that’s no good for the face and voice of VapeBargains.com, dudes and dudettes. The good news is, everything is still 30% off on VapeBargains.com, and from what I hear from the boss, our numbers are booming! Hope it stays that way.

Anyways, you probably don’t want to hear me ramble about that stuff. Here are some banana flavors that the VapeBargains.com team showed me for this blog. They’re supposed to drop some off so I can get my banana fix. We’re still operating as usual, and of course, EVERYTHING is 30% off on VapeBargains.com. No joke. Here we go!



Basix Series by Glas E-Liquid - Banana

Vape fam, did I ever tell you about the time Basix Series by Glas E-Liquid - Banana rolled into the VapeBargains.com warehouse? It was a year or so ago and I was looking for some sick new flavors to vape. One of my bros ordered several bottles for himself and shared it with me. That caramelized banana, pie crust, and vanilla cream reminded me of Mama SB’s baking skills. I’d definitely get a bottle of this, dudes and dudettes.

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HUNDO eJuice - Banana Taffy

If there’s anything I like just as much as vaping, it’s candy. I have quite the sweet tooth and that carries on to eJuices as well. When I saw HUNDO eJuice - Banana Taffy, I thought, “Why not have both?” You get that banana taffy taste with every hit, vape fam. That’s why it’s on this list! Get a few bottles for yourself and find out!

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Overloaded E-Juice - Banana Custard

Vape fam, what’s better than getting a taste of banana custard for dessert? Well, we’ve got banana custard eJuice in the form of Overloaded E-Juice - Banana Custard. You get the taste of delicious banana and scrumptious custard in one eJuice. Kind of reminds me of Mama SB’s love of baking, which all my bros respect.

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Cookie Twist E-Liquids - Banana

So I’ve been kind of lazy about my daily routine lately, vape fam. I just LOVE oatmeal cookies. But have you ever had them with fruits before? Cookie Twist E-Liquids - Banana is where it’s at if you want a combination of oatmeal cookies and fruit. It’s delicious!

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You Got E-Juice - Banana Nut Bread

Banana nut bread is another example of Mama SB’s prowess in baking. My bros and I are all HUGE fans of her baking, dudes and dudettes. But we’re older now and while we still enjoy Mama SB’s baking, we also love sick eJuices like You Got E-Juice - Banana Nut Bread. That’s a nice combination of what Mama SB had going in the kitchen, and definitely reminds me of her baking.

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That’s all for our top 5 banana flavors, dudes and dudettes! Stay strong in these difficult times, vape fam, and we’ll continue to fulfill your orders on VapeBargains.com. Everything is 30% off, everyday!

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