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Top 5 Peanut Butter Flavors

Top 5 Peanut Butter Flavors

Hey, vape fam! I’ve been looking at these pictures of the VapeBargains.com team and I and there are some pretty sick memories here. My bros and I were chilling on Mama SB’s porch like it was yesterday a few years ago and we were vaping some peanut butter flavors. I thought to myself that we HAD to feature these, dude. Here are some of our favorite peanut butter flavors, which, of course, are ALWAYS 30% off on VapeBargains.com.



Lost Art Liquids - PB Krisp

Dude, I’m pretty sure this was the first peanut butter flavor I ever vaped. I’d recommend Lost Art Liquids - PB Krisp to the vape fam because of its peanut butter and sweet milk flavor. Mama SB actually thought we were serious about learning how to make stuff in the kitchen, but my bros and I were just vaping this! It’s also a VapeBargains.com favorite!

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Fuggin eLiquids - Inside Peanut Butter Outside Jelly

Vape fam, when I was younger, Mama SB would always make PB&J sandwiches for my friends and I whenever we’d come over and chill. I still enjoy them, but I’d rather have them as an eJuice than take on the calories of the actual PB&J. Fuggin eLiquids - Inside Peanut Butter Outside is like a classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but they even said they took the crust off. Bro, I’m so nostalgic right now, that I want to grab a bottle or two or three.

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Mr. Salt-E eJuice - Peanut Butter Cookie

Here’s one for the nicotine salt fans, vape fam. Mr. Salt-E eJuice - Peanut Butter Cookie contains that familiar peanut butter cookie flavor in a nicotine salt eJuice. Don’t forget that this isn’t intended for sub-ohm vaping, bro. It IS intended for people who enjoy the taste of peanut butter cookies in their vaping devices though, so vape away!

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Slam Cake Vapes - Peanut Butter and Jealous

Vape fam, I’ve got a story to tell you. One of the kids in the neighborhood was always wondering why my bros and I got the best PB&J sandwiches. Mama SB made them, of course! The thing is, he was a total bummer when we found out about vaping and told us we weren’t cool anymore. We thought he was just jealous, and then we found out about Slam Cake Vapes - Peanut Butter and Jealous. It has the best of strawberry jelly and peanut butter, just like Mama SB used to make! I haven’t heard from that guy in a while. I hope he’s seen the light!

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Artisan Clouds eJuice - Peanut Butter

Vape fam, it’s important in this day and age to remember that vaping is for everyone. Everyone will have different tastes and preferences, just like anything else. Dude, my bros and I saw this one sick vape juice called Artisan Clouds eJuice - Peanut Butter. It was sick! It has peanut butter and crisped marshmallows dipped in cream. I took a hit and I was hooked! Definitely something the VapeBargains.com team and I would recommend to anyone.

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That’s all for our Top 5 peanut butter flavors, vape fam! What are some we’ve missed? Let us know!

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