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Top 5 Pod Systems

Top 5 Pod Systems

Vape fam, let me be honest with you for a second. I’m really tired because I have to set the clocks forward an hour and that means I can’t recharge my batteries fast enough. Dude, one day I’m chilling with the VapeBargains.com team, playing video games, watching movies, and all of a sudden I lose an hour of sleep over the weekend. What’s up with that, bro? Anyways, I’ve been hanging out in the VapeBargains.com warehouse to dig up some really nice pod systems. You can get them here at VapeBargains.com, where everything is 30% off, and I mean EVERYTHING. Check these out!



GeekVape Frenzy Kit

Do you know what’s really lame, vape fam? Not having a sick looking pod system mod like the GeekVape Frenzy Kit. Dude, the folks over in the VapeBargains.com offices LOVE this one. It has a built-in 950mah battery, and it’s compatible with the replaceable GeekVape NS coil system. With a resistance range of 0.7 to 3.0 ohms, you can fill this straight up with your favorite eJuices. This comes in several dope colors as well. Don’t forget to get a warranty either. Protect your investments, vape fam! 

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Innokin Z-Biip Kit

Dude, it’s important to accessorize when you go out looking all cool and want to hit that vape. One of my bros said they had 12 different mods to match all sorts of outfits he had. Maybe you can convince the boss to let us sell clothing too, vape fam? We’d be killing it and I wouldn’t have to have instant ramen for dinner every day, plus I could accessorize like my bro with all those mods. Anyways, the Innokin Z-Biip Kit comes in several sick colors, one 0.48ohm coil, one 1.6ohm oil, and it can be used for those nicotine salts and standard eJuices. Make sure you get that sweet, sweet warranty too. I’ll be waiting for you to make a purchase, vape fam!

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Aspire Spryte Starter Kit

Vape fam, I’m totally bushed and I need to take a hit of my favorite eJuice. There are so many mods to choose from in the VapeBargains.com offices. I stumbled across this Aspire Spryte Starter Kit. 3.5ml of eJuice capacity, two different coils, and a 650mah battery? This means I’ll be taking hits all day, bro! Just remember to buy a warranty and the Aspire BVC coils, dude. You’ll be set!

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Ovns Duo Kit 400mAh 2ml

Dude, over the weekend, and before I lost my sleep, I was looking at more sick pod systems for my collection. This is so I can tell you which ones are totally dope and which ones are totally lame, vape fam. Did you ever want to switch between your favorite eJuices in one device? Bro, I wish I found out about the Ovns Duo Kit 400mAh 2ml pod device. You can put one of your favorite eJuices in one pod, and another in another pod! Both pods can hold up to 2ml of liquid, you’ve got an extra refillable pod and a coil resistance of up to 2.0 ohms. Next time you need to choose between two eJuices to vape, why not bring both? Don’t forget the warranty, vape fam!

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Avatar Go Kit

Vape fam, does your vape device ever get too big for your pockets? I mean, I wear cargo shorts everywhere, dude, and sometimes storing all these mods is trouble. I was looking for a sleeker vaping device for when I’m out with the bros. How about the Avatar Go Kit? You’ll get a built-in 350mAh battery, 1.1ml capacity of your favorite eJuice, and one Avatar Go Pod. Get the warranty, dude, so we can replace your stuff! Better safe than sorry!

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That being said, I’m off to catch a few Z’s, vape fam. Otherwise, I won’t be alert enough to tell you that everything here at VapeBargains.com is 30% off, everyday, forever!

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