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Top 5 Products for February 2021

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Top 5 Products for February 2021

What’s going on, vape fam? You’re wondering why I’m in flip-flops so early in the year? Truth be told, I don’t know either. I just thought it was too warm for my fuzzy slippers today. I hear all the vapers around the world are searching for great deals on vape products. Hint hint, everything is 30% off every day on VapeBargains.com! So, Lindsay from Ohio wrote in and told me that she wants to know exactly who is behind SB. You know that a lot of people ask that question, right? I’ll get back to you on that. Anyways, I have to do my job as the face of VapeBargains.com and let you know what the top 5 products from February 2021 were.

Pinup Vapors - Betty

As soon as this eJuice got into the VapeBargains.com warehouse, it was being sent out again to the vape fam! No joke. I tried to save a bottle for myself, but Pinup Vapors - Betty was just way too popular with you guys last month. I don’t blame any of you. It brings tons of fruits to your vaping device. Try it, you’ll love it!

Dripmore Switch Mods Disposable (5%) - Box of 10

If you love disposables, we have Dripmore Switch Mods Disposable (5%) - Box of 10. Vape fam, if you love nicotine salts, you’ll love disposables. Get up to 300 puffs per disposable in a variety of flavors. You’ll love the variety of flavors in these disposables!

Captivape Creations - Strawberry Milk

Best part of waking up? Strawberry milk in the morning. Thankfully, you can also get that in eJuice form, vape fam. Captivape Creations - Strawberry Milk is exactly what it says on the title. It’s also a max VG eJuice for those who want that pure VG vaping experience.


Vape fam, get the best tank for your vaping experience. The SMOK TFV16 Tank comes in many colors and utilizes many SMOK coils as well. With 9ml of eJuice, that’s a lot of vaping real estate! Fill it up with your favorite ADV eJuice!

Nude eJuice - APK

I went over to a friend’s house once and they said they were all about minimalism. Keeping it simple is the message of the day. Nude eJuice - APK blends apple, pear, and kiwi for a refreshing vape experience. No fancy creative name, no in-your-face artwork. Just plain old eJuice, and that’s how some people like it.

That’s all from me, vape fam! Check out more of our top 5 blogs, and let me know how we’re doing. If you’ll excuse me, there’s a lot of eJuice and hardware coming straight through the VapeBargains.com warehouse! Catch you soon!

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