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Top 5 Tanks

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Top 5 Tanks

Vape fam, don’t mind the mess on my desk. I’m just trying to rebuild my vape mods (again) and I’m stuck on what tank to use. Thankfully, nothing stops the VapeBargains.com team from innovating and finding out what is the best vape tank. They’re built from various materials, and they’re more than just holders of your favorite vape juices. We’ll go into detail about vape tanks, and why there is more than what you see on the surface.

What Is A Vape Tank?

Vape tanks are defined as a vaping device that contains the vape juice and atomizer which are connected to a vape mod to create the vaping experience you know. Some vape tanks can be as small as 2 ml or even as much as 8 or 9 ml in some cases. A vape tank is composed usually of the drip tip, top cap, the tube, a chimney, an atomizer/coil, the tank base, and the 510 connection. We will go into further detail what these terms mean later on in the blog.

History of Vape Tanks

Vape tanks, like many other components of the vaping experience, have made a rapid evolution in the past decade. Some of the big players in vape tanks include brands such as GeekVape, FreeMax, Aspire, Uwell, and Vaporesso. In the earlier days, Kanger, SMOK, and Joyetech also created vape hardware including tanks.

Cartomizer on VapeBargains.com

The first type of tank was the cartomizer vape tank, which combined a cartridge with vape juice and an atomizer coil. However, these cartomizer vape tanks did not hold much vape juice. Some vapers made a significant discovery when it came to vape tanks. They found out that you could drill holes in the side of a cartomizer and then encase it with glass or plastic, greatly increasing the capacity of the vape tank and keeping the cartomizer saturated with vape juice.


The next phase of vape tanks came when cartomizers were replaced with atomizer coils with glass enclosures. This vape tank allowed for a better vaping experience through increased flavor purity. The replaceable coil tank, or a “glassomizer”, was also inexpensive and easy to use as one just had to swap the atomizer coil.

Sub-Ohm Tanks on VapeBargains.com

Next, vape manufacturers created the sub-ohm tank for creating more vapor for better vaping experiences. To do this, they designed lower resistance coils to operate at higher wattages, generating larger vapor clouds. In the early days of sub-ohm tanks, low-quality and potentially hazardous materials were reported in some vape coils, prompting the industry to switch to organic cotton. The resistance fell below 1.0 ohms allowing for sub-ohm vaping. While vape manufacturers went to a resistance of around 0.5 ohms, some coils have a resistance as low as 0.15 ohms—and that’s not even the lowest resistance available on the market!


Other vape tanks included mesh coil tanks, which had coils with multiple wires. Vape pods, which brought back pre-filled vape juice reminiscent of the cartomizer and made for a more convenient vaping experience, were unfortunately banned in 2020, bringing the vape tanks you know and love back to the forefront.


Types of Vape Tanks

There are two types of vape tanks: mouth-to-lung (MTL) and direct-to-lung (DTL) vape tanks. They are used for vastly different reasons. Depending on the vaping experience you want, you should understand these terms and examine them more closely. MTL vaping closely resembles smoking traditional tobacco products with the throat hit. You can draw the vapor straight into your mouth and inhale with MTL vape tanks.

Different vaping styles on VapeBargains.com

MTL vape tanks use coils with more than 1.0 ohms of resistance. If you’re a fan of high propylene glycol (PG) vape juices, 50/50 VG/PG vape juices, or 70/30 PG/VG vape juices, you should use MTL vape tanks and coils. Fans of nicotine salts, usually those who prefer high nicotine or those new to vaping, should also use MTL tanks.


DTL vape tanks are also known as sub-ohm vape tanks. Sub-ohm vaping is defined as vaping with an atomizer that is less than 1.0 ohms of resistance. Sub-ohm vaping is supposed to generate more vapor. As we discussed in our coils blog, lower resistance coils draw more power from the battery. This vaporizes more vape juice and creates more vapor than than an MTL tank.


DTL vape tanks use coils with under 1.0 ohms of resistance. This draws the vapor directly into your lungs. If you have 100% VG vape juice or other vape juices with high VG content, you should be using DTL vape tanks. In addition, it is recommended that when you use DTL vape tanks, that the nicotine content of your vape juice does not exceed 6 mg. Many eLiquid.com customers use 3 mg or 6 mg nicotine in vape juice, which makes DTL vape tanks ideal for those wishing to use lower nicotine strengths in their vaping experiences.


A third type of vape tank is the temperature control (TC) vape tank. However, any tank can be a TC vape tank if it has a vape coil and vape mod that supports TC. As we discussed in our coils blog, nickel, stainless steel, and titanium are three types of coils that support TC. If you are into TC vaping experiences, you might want to look at a tank that is compatible with nickel, stainless steel, or titanium, as well as a vape mod that offers TC.


DIY Vapers and Vape Tanks

Are you a do-it-yourself (DIY) vaper? There are vape tanks for that as well. While the process of building your own vape coils is difficult, it can be a rewarding vaping experience for those who wish to make their own coils. While not as commonplace as before, there is still a sizable DIY community that builds coils for vape tanks. Many DIY vapers utilize rebuildable coils called a rebuildable atomizer (RBA). However, rebuildable drip atomizers (RDAs) and rebuildable tank atomizers (RTAs) are also considered RBAs. DIY vapers can adjust coils and tanks to their own liking.

RDAs are a rebuildable drip atomizer, where you drip the vape juice directly onto your coils, a process called dripping. An RDA has no tank or vape juice reservoir. An RTA is a combination of an RDA and a vape tank, which is the most common type of vape tank. The difference between an RDA and an RTA is that RTA vape tanks have a reservoir of vape juice available to keep the wick saturated with your favorite vape juice.

Vape Tank Components

Diagram of a tank on VapeBargains.com

The drip tip is the mouthpiece that you puff on. This can either be a narrow drip tip for MTL vaping, or a wide-bore drip tip for DTL vaping. Many drip tips are heat resistant and maintain a safe temperature while vaping and if one sets the mod to highpower. The 510 is the most common drip tip. If a tank has a 510 drip tip, any 510 drip tip will be compatible.


The top cap is the top piece of the vape tank. It can be threaded into the chimney or permanently attached depending on what model of vape tank it is. Currently, top-fill vape tanks use a variety of methods that vapers can use to fill their vape tanks, such as a removable cap or a rotating or sliding feature for quick refills.


The tube is defined as the glass or metal tank that contains the vape juice.


The chimney is the part of the vape tank that connects the cap to the base. This is also where the produced vapor is drawn through the drip tip.


The atomizer/coil is the central piece of the vape tank. This contains the heating coil and the wicking material. As we discussed in our coils blog, the resistance of the coil determines the power drawn from the battery and the heat that is generated. A coil on average lasts from one to three weeks. If you are tasting less flavor while vaping or if there is a reduction in performance, it could be time to replace your coil.


The tank base is the base that holds the atomizer coil in place and holds the glass tube in place to keep the vape juice within the device. There are O-rings that prevent your vape juice from leaking. This is also where you will find the adjustable airflow valve. Use it to alter your vaping experience accordingly.


The 510 connection is the part of the vape tank that connects to the vape mod. The 510 connection is the most common and universal connection in the vaping industry today. Almost all tanks have a 510 connector.


How Durable Are Vape Tanks?

Vape fam, you might think we broke a tank or two while testing out the best vape tanks—accidents do happen, after all. Thankfully, some vape mods are IP-67 rated. That means they’re water resistant and dust proof. The mod will dictate the vaping experience that your coil and vape tank provide. Thankfully, glass isn’t the only thing used to make a vape tank. Some vape tanks also come in aluminum and stainless steel. That means a drop of at least 3 feet won’t break it, but it could change the vaping experience—hopefully for the better, of course.

Best 5 Vape Tanks on VapeBargains.com


Here are some of the best tanks on VapeBargains.com, vape fam! Our friends in the vaping industry are the best. Thanks to them, we can get you the best vape tanks for 30% off, every day. These tanks are compatible with a variety of vape mods out there—read the manual to find out which ones are right for you.


Horizon Falcon Sub Ohm Tank


Looking for a great tank for your sub-ohm vaping experience? Why not try the Horizon Falcon Sub Ohm Tank? This amazing tank comes with a glass bulb, a set of O-rings, two sets of Falcon coils, a bore 510 drip tip, a bore resin drip tip, and one spare glass tube. You can enjoy up to 7ml of your favorite vape juice with this tank. Enjoy your favorite vape juices when you add the Horizon Falcon Sub Ohm Tank to your vaping setup.


Aspire Cleito Shot Tank


Good news, vape fam! Our friends at Aspire have brought the  Aspire Cleito Shot Tank (3 Pack) to VapeBargains.com. Aside from being easy to fill, you can fill this tank with 4.3ml of your favorite vape juice. These tanks also support sub-ohm vaping for those who prefer those types of vaping experiences. The low resistance allows for not only efficient wicking but massive flavor and vapor production, making it ideal for all-day vaping experiences.


Uwell Crown 4 IV Sub Tank


Our friends over at Uwell have supplied us with the  Uwell Crown 4 IV Sub Tank. Now, I’ve taken a look at this tank and it’s great for those who enjoy sub-ohm vaping experiences. You can store 5 or 6ml of your favorite vape juice with this vape tank. This also comes with patented self-cleaning technology and a threaded top-fill system, which allows for no leakage. It is compatible with Uwell coils and comes with one pre-installed 0.4ohm coil and one 0.2ohm coil. You can also adjust the airflow, and like many tanks, it comes with a 510 connector which you can use to attach to a compatible vape mod of your choice.


FreeMax Mesh Pro Sub Tank


Our friends over at FreeMax have brought their own offering to the sub-ohm vape tank market. The  FreeMax Mesh Pro Sub Tank has a push-to-open top-fill system, a wide bore drip tip, and dual adjustable air flow. You can use a variety of coils that are fitted for sub-ohm vaping. This vape tank holds 5ml of your favorite vape juice, so get your vape on. Make sure you leave a review if you buy this tank.


Vaporesso NRG-S Sub-Ohm Tank


Bring another sub-ohm vape tank home when you get the  Vaporesso NRG-S Sub-Ohm Tank. This vape tank holds 5ml of your favorite vape juice and an insulating layer between the juice and the top, keeping the vape juice in the tank for a quality vaping experience. Leave a review and let us know what you think! 


What Vape Tank Is Best For Me?

It all depends on you and what you want from the vaping experience, vape fam. Some want quality flavor production, some want high vapor production. Some want a bit of both. MTL and DTL vape tanks are available on VapeBargains.com for 30% off every day. Choose from one of these vape tanks and understand what vape coils and vape juices will work best in these tanks. Thankfully, the VapeBargains.com team will cover this in a later blog post. Until then, keep vaping. SB out!










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