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VapeBargains.com Rewards Program

VapeBargains.com Rewards Program

Hey, vape fam! So remember those T-shirts I promised a while back if you bought from VapeBargains.com? I wish that actually went through and I could have YOU become another voice of VapeBargains.com! Just kidding. The boss had another idea instead: a rewards program!

So how exactly does this work, you might ask? To break it down in simple terms, you buy from VapeBargains.com. I mean you should because everything is 30% off every day and that means my bros on the VapeBargains.com team and I can put food on the table, but that’s beside the point. But yeah, you not only get 30% off every day, but you earn $5 every 1000 points, and other rewards get unlocked as long as you keep purchasing. Whether it’s the sickest eJuices or your favorite vape hardware, it doesn’t matter. You can save TONS of money, dude. 

Why burn a hole in your pocket? Come on, dudes and dudettes, visit us at VapeBargains.com, start buying, and start earning rewards. Maybe I’ll have some T-shirts ready for you if the boss likes the idea. Remember, it’s 30% off everything, every day at VapeBargains.com!

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