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VBG Top 5 Products in February 2020

VBG Top 5 Products in February 2020

Vape fam, you’ll never believe what happened to me the other day. I was kicking it with the bros and some guy said, “Hey, you’re the guy from VapeBargains.com, where everything is 30% off, every day!” Dude, I’m not sure how to handle this sudden fame, but I told him to look out for some of our latest content going out on the site. That being said, here’s what our vape fam bought in February 2020!



Villainous Vapor Company - Kentucky Sin

Vape fam, if you’re really into traditional tobacco flavor with some creamy vanilla bourbon leaf, I’d suggest Villainous Vapor Company - Kentucky Sin. Some of you older folks might enjoy it with a nice glass of bourbon itself. I’ve never been out that way, dude, but I bet you the stuff they vape out there is pretty good. Hopefully, they’re buying it from VapeBargains.com, because it’s 30% off every day!

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Midas Vape E-Liquids - Glacial Menthol

I hear something going around about flavors being banned except tobacco and menthol, dude. It’s a bit rough for my vape fam in states where flavors are banned, so how about some Midas Vape E-Liquids - Glacial Menthol? I tried this out and it wasn’t bad at all. Definitely makes it a lot colder than it should be sometimes, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing in the summer!

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Pinup Vapors - Betty

Vape fam, don’t you love having an excellent all-day vape? I was searching for one and my bros recommended Pinup Vapors - Betty to me. What’s so great about it? Dude, it’s versatile and gives off different fruity flavors with each puff. The bros really love this one, and you can get it here at VapeBargains.com, where everything is 30% off!

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Occultus Juice Society - Templar

Vape fam, you’d think that VapeBargains.com is a cult of some sort. Maybe it’s a cult of savings because everything here is 30% off, and everywhere else will just charge you full price! Anyways, check out what I found in the VapeBargains.com warehouse: Occultus Juice Society - Templar. You’ll get that nice vanilla custard flavor mixed with blueberry, and I think that might get us hooked. We’re in!

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Leviathan eJuice - Depths

Vape fam, do you ever feel like eating dessert before your meal? I wish I wasn’t on this strict diet right now, dude. In the meantime, I’ll satisfy my cravings for the ocean with some Leviathan eJuice - Depths. It’s a pretty good sea salt caramel custard with caramelized brown sugar and butterscotch. You might as well put something like this on the dessert menu.

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That’s all for our Top 5 products sold in February 2020! Dude, I might be famous now if people are recognizing me on the streets. That being said, I’ve got to change my look and not be too obvious. Still, everything on VapeBargains.com is 30% off, every day! Later!

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